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The Canberry Tales

The Canberry Tales

By Rowan Dean



"The latest hilarious collection of Rowan Deans weekly satirical columns in the AFR Weekend poking fun at the craziness of political correctness gone mad, cancel culture and woke identity politics in Australias modern political world from 2017 to the present, including the demise of Malcolm Turnbull, the rise of ScoMo, Biden, Covid, China, climate change, the MeToo movement, transgenderism and so much more. Aided by his trusted assistant Rowena, Rowan Dean exposes in all its comical cultural chaos the hypocrisy and foibles of our ruling classes, the peccadilloes of our pusillanimous politicians and the absurdity of todays leftist woke dogma. From re-imagining Dr Seuss, re-writing Gone with the Woke, uncovering the racists in the Palace, to exposing the lunacy of lockdowns and the lewd tales of Canberra, not since Chaucer has an author had such rich pickings with which to entertain us."

ISBN: 9781925927818


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