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The Blind Watch

The Blind Watch

By Jack E. Brush



The Blind Watch has a twofold purpose. Firstly, it aims to expose some of the salient inadequacies and fallacies of modern atheism. Secondly, and more fundamentally, it is intended to expand our thinking about nature in general and about the meaning of nature for a Christian understanding of human beings. For systematic reasons, the book focuses on Richard Dawkins' The Blind Watchmaker , which has become a classic on modern atheism. In contrast to Dawkins' work, the present book describes the watch, i.e. the atheistic scientist, not the watchmaker, as "blind," insofar as the scientist calculates everything, but sees very little. By confronting the atheism of Dawkins with the philosophical (Heraclitus and the Stoics) and the theological (the Apostle Paul and Augustine) traditions, the book develops a fundamental understanding of nature as nature that leads to a definition of life quite different from that of the evolutionary biologists.

ISBN: 9783643913951


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