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The Art of Masamune Shirow

The Art of Masamune Shirow

By Jeremy Mark Robinson



THE ART OF MASAMUNE SHIROW VOLUME 1: MANGA by Jeremy Mark Robinson This is a study of the art of Masamune Shirow (real name Masanuri Ota, b. 1961, Kobe, Japan), a Japanese artist best known for Ghost In the Shell, Appleseed and Dominion: Tank Police. Masamune Shirow is one of the great creators in the world of Japanese manga and animé - his works have been the basis of several important franchises. Shirow's art is marked by futuristic, cyber-punk settings, fabulous, often eccentric designs, elaborate mecha (such as tanks and mobile suits), attractive warrior women and detailed storytelling (accompanied by his famous, sometimes arcane notes). The Art of Masamune Shirow includes chapters on Shirow's signature works, Appleseed and Ghost In the Shell, and his lesser-known comics, such as Dominion: Tank Police, Orion, Black Magic and Neuro Hard; a biography; Shirow's relation to the Japanese manga industry; and themes such as cyberculture and cyber-punk fiction. The Appleseed comic and the three Ghost In the Shell comics are explored chapter by chapter. Fully illustrated, including many images from Masamune Shirow's whole output, the neglected comics, and Shirow's other works in print publishing, such as the Intron Depot series. Hardcover - full colour laminate cover. Bibliography, resources and notes. 376 pages.

ISBN: 9781861717955


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