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Author: Wilbur Smith

Type: Paperback

ISBN: 9781804183601

Date: 31st August, 2023


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  2. Ancient Religions And Mythologies
  3. Historical Fiction


An epic new novel of Ancient Egypt, from the Master of Historical Adventure, Wilbur Smith. IN THE RUINS OF BATTLE A HERO MUST RISE FOR THE GLORY OF EGYPT Years of Hyksos rule have seen the plunder of once-mighty Egypt. Though the two kingdoms have now been reunited by the armies of the true Pharaoh, his position is perilous, his rule under threat from those who seek to take advantage of the turmoil created by the overthrow of the Hyksos. Desperate to keep Egypt united, Taita the Magus summons his protege, Piay, to solve a millennia-old riddle which has the power to secure Egypt's future forever. But in the tumult of war, an evil has thrived. Malevolent followers of Seth, the god of chaos, are determined to claim this power and usher in a new age of darkness. The fate of Egypt is at stake. Can Piay prevent their land falling into the hands of those who would see its ruin?

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