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Tailored For Scotland

Tailored For Scotland

By Deirdre Kinloch Anderson



Tailored for Scotland tells the story of Edinburgh family business Kinloch Anderson, tailors and kiltmakers. For over 150 years they have succeeded in business, design and Scottish fashion, and played a key role in the story of tartan. They hold Royal Warrants of Appointment. A fascinating story of success in business, design and Scottish fashion, which began as a small bespoke tailoring partnership and has now become a global brand. This is a memoir book of six generations of family ownership and management of a Scottish clothing and textile company which inter-relates with history, the events, the culture and the fashions of their time. Established in 1868, Kinloch Anderson kilts, tartans and Highland Dress have become the company's trademark. Through the 192 pages and over 300 colour and black and white illustrations, lifestyle fashion pictures, historical uniforms and pictures which go back to the 1860s and the North Bridge of Edinburgh where it all began. Illustrated timeline of background historical facts and events in Scotland over the duration of 150 years. The company first supplied The Royal Family in 1903 and is honoured to hold Royal Warrants of Appointment as Tailors and Kiltmakers. The author, Deirdre Kinloch Anderson OBE married into the fifth generation of the family. She played a pivotal role in the establishment of The Scottish Register of Tartans. The tartan story is complex. Despite prohibition and relentless copying and humiliation, tartan remains an iconic national symbol of belonging, worn with pride as Scotland's National Dress for formal and informal occasions alike, taken overseas by the Scottish diaspora and embraced by top haute-couture designers. "Combining heritage and innovation has been key to driving family business Kinloch Anderson into the sixth generation." - The Scotsman. This book will appeal to anyone with interests in Scotland, business, fashion, local history and Scottish lifestyle.

ISBN: 9781849345316


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