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Star Trek: Q Conflict

Star Trek: Q Conflict

By David Tipton



When a dispute between godlike beings threatens the galaxy, it will take all of Starfleet's best captains to stop them. Join James T. Kirk, JeanLuc Picard, Kathryn Janeway, and Benjamin Sisko as they go headtohead in a competition that will determine the fate of the Earth and beyond. Will they be able to emerge victorious, or will they be torn apart by The Q Conflict? All of the Captains together for the first time in the biggest Star Trek crossover event ever! THE CREW OF THE ORIGINAL SERIES, THE NEXT GENERATION, VOYAGER, AND DEEP SPACE NINE MEET FOR THE FIRST TIME! Collects the sixissue miniseries. Q is one of the most popular recurring characters in the Star Trek universe.

ISBN: 9781684055531


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