Squiggle the Star Octopus

Squiggle the Star Octopus

By Michelle O'Sullivan



Squiggle is a young octopus who loves playing with his friends, especially his friend Joel. Joel is a clown fish who likes to tell silly jokes. One day, like all young sea creatures, Squiggle goes to school. He's very excited and can't wait to learn lots of new and surprising things.   At school, Squiggle's teacher sets his class a challenge - it's a scavenger hunt that they need to complete. Squiggle has never done a scavenger hunt before but he's keen and determined to do really well. He swims away in search of all the items he needs to find. But who will learn the greatest lesson at the end: Squiggle, his teacher, his class, or you?

ISBN: 9781398429727


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