By Fay Roberts



Moving through moods and atmospheres (Passion, Anger, Joy, Nature/ The Sea, Melancholy, Philosophical/ Mystical, and finally Whimsy), Spectral is a book intended to be read in a number of different ways: 1. From beginning to end, moving through the blended spectrum of moods laid out in order; 2. As a mood-picker - either finding something to match your feelings from one of the seven main sections, or using something to change your mood to where you would like it to be; or 3. As a pic'n'mix menu of topics, emotions, and poetry forms. The pieces come from a number of places across the years - some of them from NaPoWriMo prompts, some from commissions, some from workshops, others inspired by random book pages, musical sequences, or just turning up without warning. A couple come, inevitably, from this past age of isolation and confinement, and still others are inspired by the wisdom and grace of chosen family.  Not so much a pick-your-own-adventure book as a means to either follow an artistic journey laid out or choosing your own path, Spectral is an experience Fay is looking forward to sharing with you.

ISBN: 9781913958183


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