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Sorrow, Tears and Blood

Sorrow, Tears and Blood

By David Onamade



"A collection of poetry covering the experience of homelessness". Is homelessness really a matter of choice? If yes, what drives that choice? What makes a person up-sticks, leave the comfort of their home, to live in the street - the street that kills with "tusk-like rock-ends that stab and tear like stampeding elephants"? A place that is cold, when not wet, spitting hailstone or forcing everything standing to bow in veneration. If no, why does society see the homeless as something the cat drags in? What makes us immune and turn a blind eye to the sufferings of our own? David Onamade uses SORROW, TEARS AND BLOOD to explore and recount his first-hand experience of long-term homelessness. It is clinical. It is current. It seeks to provide a different view, devoid of false assumptions.

ISBN: 9781912092789


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