Soccernomics P/B

Soccernomics P/B

By Simon Kuper



For the latest updates, check out Soccernomics: Why France and Germany Win, Why England Is Starting to and Why The Rest of the World Loses - fully revised and expanded ahead of the 2022 Men's World Cup! 9780008559625 'Magnificent. Freakonomics for football' - Guardian Football truly is the world's favourite game, followed in over 200 countries by hundreds of millions of people pouring their hearts and souls into supporting their chosen team every week. But behind the passion are questions that all true football aficionados want to know: why do England lose whilst Germany and Brazil win? How have Spain conquered the world? Why do so many clubs buy the wrong players? Fully revised and updated, Soccernomics is the revolutionary guide from an economist and a sports writer who answer all these questions and more.

ISBN: 9780008236649


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