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Smoke Without Fire

Smoke Without Fire

By David Roy



He tried to make a difference but instead he lost his career. The story of a teacher in modern Britain and his fight for justice. Teaching in a British high school, a teacher is persecuted for trying to do the right thing and is ultimately dismissed for gross misconduct. Revealed by the teacher himself, this is the true story of those events and the subsequent fight to clear his name. His employer's determination to destroy him becomes all-consuming, and they resort to lies and subterfuge to make sure he cannot possibly win his disciplinary hearing or the appeal that follows. Deserted by his union, the teacher turns to an ex-Deputy Head turned legal representative to restore his good name, culminating in a brutal cross-examination in a gripping courtroom scene. If you are interested in the state of British education you should read his story. If you are interested in British should read his story.

ISBN: 9781914322006


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