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Sir Stamford Raffles And Some Of His Friends And Contemporar

Sir Stamford Raffles And Some Of His Friends And Contemporar

By John Bastin



This book - written by Dr John Bastin, a leading authority on the study of Sir Stamford Raffles - offers an alternative biographical account of Raffles, as seen through his relationship with some of his closest friends and contemporaries.The people featured include the naturalists Joseph Arnold, Thomas Horsfield and Nathaniel Wallich, who received support from Raffles in carrying on their scientific research, and the orientalist John Leyden, who influenced Raffles's study of Malay and Malay customs.Examining Raffles and his social circle presents an original perspective of the man and of the colonial world in which he lived, and his correspondence with his friends and scientific colleagues reflects his attitude and opinions on a range of issues, including his desire to extend the benefits of education. The book is a highly original contribution to the study of Raffles in the bicentenary year of his founding of Singapore.

ISBN: 9789813277663


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