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Research Handbook on Islamic Law and Society

Research Handbook on Islamic Law and Society

By Nadirsyah Hosen



The Research Handbook on Islamic Law and Society provides an examination of the role of Islamic law as it applies in Muslim and non-Muslim societies through legislation, fatwa, court cases, sermons, media, or scholarly debate. It illuminates and analyses the intersection of social, political, economic and cultural contexts in which state actors have turned to Islamic law for legal solutions. Taking a thematic approach, the Research Handbook assesses the application of Islamic law across six key areas: family law and courts; property and business; criminal law and justice; ethics, health and sciences; arts and education; and community and public spheres. Through examination of these themes in over 20 jurisdictions, the Research Handbook serves to demonstrate that Islamic law is adaptable depending on the values of Muslim societies across different times and places. In addition, the Research Handbook highlights how Islamic law has engaged with contemporary issues, looking beyond what is set out in the Qur'an and the Hadith, to examine how Islamic law is applied in societies today. Researchers and scholars with an interest in Islamic law, or the relationship between law and society more generally will find this Research Handbook to be an engaging text. The in-depth analysis, spanning sectors and jurisdictions, will offer new insights and inspire future research. Contributors include: M. Ali, M.F.A. Alsubaie, A. Begum, A. Black, R. Burgess, M. Corbett, K.M. Eadie, H. Esmaeili, N. Hammado, N. Hosen, N. Hussin, A.A. Jamal, M.A.H. Khutani, F. Kutty, N.Y.K. Lahpan, A.O.A. Mesrat, R. Mohr, S.M. Solaiman, H.H.A. Tajuddin, M. Zawawi

ISBN: 9781781003053


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