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Research Handbook on International Law and Terrorism

Research Handbook on International Law and Terrorism

By Ben Saul



This newly revised and updated second edition of the Research Handbook on International Law and Terrorism provides a comprehensive overview of international counter-terrorism law and practice from the perspectives of human rights, the law of armed conflict, the law on use of force, and international criminal law. Brand new and revised chapters provide critical commentary on the law from leading scholars and practitioners in the field. Major controversies in the global legal response to terrorism are examined, including up-to-date analyses of the war on terror, drone strikes and targeted killings, torture and rendition, indefinite detention, military trials, and UN Security Council measures and sanctions. New topics for this edition are assessed, focusing on foreign terrorist fighters, the nexus between organized crime and terrorism, and the prevention of violent extremism. Exploring developments from before and after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, the Research Handbook also includes new analysis of contemporary threats such as Islamic State, and discusses the law of regional organizations and selected national practice. International law scholars and practitioners, as well as government and United Nations legal advisers, will find this an invaluable reference on a complex area of legal inquiry. It will also prove a critical read for academics and students in international relations, terrorism studies, security studies, war studies, and human rights.

ISBN: 9781802206432


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