The Rescue TPB

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The Rescue TPB

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Author: Andy McNab

Type: Paperback

ISBN: 9781802796865

Date: 14th September, 2023

Publisher: WELBECK

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  2. True Stories
  3. Military History


The thrilling retelling of a real-life hostage rescue mission, by SAS hero and million-selling author, Andy McNab. It is 2012 and in Northern Afghanistan, an international crisis has erupted. A group of aid workers have been kidnapped by local insurgents and are now hidden in a winding mountain region. After attempts to negotiate a deal with the bandits fail, and with the lives of the hostages hanging in the balance, there is only option... SAS and Navy SEALs are sent in to find and free them. The Rescue is the action-packed story of the special forces' attempts to save the hostages from almost certain death. Drawing on classified sources and using his own personal insight into the inner-workings of these units, Andy McNab gives a page-turning account of this incredible mission. A heart-pounding true story of covert scouting missions, dangerous parachute jumps and fighting to survive in the face of impossible odds, this is the SAS like you've never read before.

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