Religion and Politics in Urban Ireland, C.1500-C.1750

Religion and Politics in Urban Ireland, C.1500-C.1750

By Salvador Ryan



This collection examines the interplay between politics and religion in early modern Ireland, with a particular focus on its urban communities. Contents include: Tudor reformations in Cork; Nuns and their networks in early modern Galway; Thomas Arthur MD (1593-1675) in Limerick and Dublin; Religion and politics in Belfast, 1660-1720; Oaths and oath-taking in Dublin, 1670-1774; Dublin weavers before the Spanish Inquisition, 1745-54; Fr. John Murphy (1710-53): a saint for 18th-century Dublin? Sir John Gilbert (1829-98): historian of early modern Dublin; Henry Fitzsimon, James Ussher and the birth of an Irish religious debate; Henry Burnell and Richard Netterville: lawyers in civic life in the English Pale, 1562-1615; the Religious Guild of St George, Dublin; the dissolution of the monasteries in 16th-century Meath. [Subject: Medieval & Early Modern Studies; the Tudors; Urban Development; Irish Studies]

ISBN: 9781846825743


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