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Reconciling Religion and Human Rights

Reconciling Religion and Human Rights

By Ibrahim Salama



Projecting a global interdisciplinary vision, this insightful book develops a peer-to-peer learning methodology to facilitate reconciling religion and human rights, both in multilateral contexts and at the national level. Written by leading human rights practitioners, the book illuminates the tension zones between religion and rights, exploring how the 'faith' elements in both disciplines can create synergies for protecting equal human dignity. Ibrahim Salama and Michael Wiener analyse the place of religion in multilateral practice, including lessons learned from the 'Faith for Rights' framework. Based on the jurisprudence of international human rights mechanisms, the book clarifies ambiguities of human rights law on religion. It also unpacks the potential positive role of non-State actors in the religious sphere, demonstrating that the relationship between religion and human rights is not a zero-sum game. Ultimately, the book empowers actors on both sides of the ideological fence between religion and human rights to deconstruct this artificial, politically instrumentalized dichotomy. This innovative book will be a vital resource for faith-based actors, human rights defenders and policymakers working at the intersection between religion, culture and human rights. With the co-authors' commentary on the #Faith4Rights toolkit, it will also be invaluable for peer-to-peer learning facilitators, scholars and students of human rights law, public international law and religious studies.

ISBN: 9781800377592


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