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Realising Cultural Heritage Law

Realising Cultural Heritage Law

By Lyndel V. Prott



This book, which honors the work of the eminent cultural heritage lawyer, Patrick O'Keefe, covers various areas of cultural heritage law. Fifteen outstanding experts provide contributions on: the protection of the underwater cultural heritage * illicit traffic in cultural objects * the World Heritage Convention * the intersection of cultural heritage law with human rights law * the interplay of law and ethics * the responsibilities of conservators * the development of law created by the returns of culture taken during the Holocaust * the special place of NGOs in protecting heritage * detailed studies of some areas, including China, Guatemala, and various countries in Africa. Also included are thoughtful papers on possession and dispossession of heritage, on the wishes of the dead as a reference point in law, and the criminology of heritage. The festschrift provides an excellent introduction to a great variety of areas ranging over law, philosophy, administration, and cultural policy issues. It also provides scholars with synopses of current "cutting edge" work in these areas from diverse disciplines. Color illustrations show the variety of cultural heritage now under international protection.

ISBN: 9781903987308


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