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Public Companies and Equity Finance

Public Companies and Equity Finance

By Alexis Mavrikakis



Public Companies and Equity Finance offers a clear and practical examination of the legal and regulatory framework within which public companies operate. The guide examines all aspects of the life of a public company, including the IPO, the regulatory regime, corporate governance issues and listed company transactions. Particular emphasis is given to those areas which, typically, junior lawyers will experience. Throughout the text, the lawyer's role is placed in context and attention is given to the roles of other advisers to public companies where relevant to the lawyer.  This new edition has been fully updated to cover all recent legislative developments including updates to the FCA Handbook. This edition also covers the new version of the FRC's Stewardship Code. Updated commentary has also been provided on Brexit. Topical examples of how the issues covered in this book affect real-life public companies and their directors are included throughout, particularly in the areas of IPOs, corporate governance and secondary issues of shares.

ISBN: 9781913226916


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