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Problem-Solving Courts, Criminal Justice, and the Internatio

Problem-Solving Courts, Criminal Justice, and the Internatio

By Anna Grace Kawalek



This book presents findings from a process evaluation carried out at a problem-solving court located in England: Manchester Review Court. Unlike the widely documented successes of similar international models, there is no detail of Manchester Review Court in the accessible literature, not in any policy document, nor is there a court handbook or website outlining objectives and expected practice. In adopting the seminal 'wine' and 'bottle' analytical framework propounded by therapeutic jurisprudence scholars, and by carrying out a detailed comparative analysis comparing the court to successful international problem-solving courts, the original empirical data brings clarity to an overlooked area. A fidelity analysis is also offered for the forerunning English and Welsh drug courts, which were established during the early 2000s, but then shortly fell by the wayside without satisfactory explanation for why. Findings from the book shed new light on the causes of the English and Welsh drug court downfalls pending recent calls to roll out a fresh suite of problem-solving courts. In light of the international evidence base and national struggles in the field, the book proposes a renewed, UK-specific, fidelity matrix to forge the impetus for new practice in this area, whilst accounting for past failures and acknowledging current issues. Therefore, this book not only breaks new ground by advancing knowledge of a significantly uncharted area but provides important inroads for helping policymakers with their strategies in tackling recidivism, addiction, victimisation, and austerity, as widespread social and human issues currently facing both Manchester and the UK more broadly. Presenting significant advancements in theory, policy, and practice at both national and international scale, the book will be a valuable resource for academics and practitioners working in the fields of Therapeutic Justice, Criminal Law, Criminology, Criminal Justice, and Socio-Legal Studies.

ISBN: 9780367653866


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