Pools of Blue

Pools of Blue

By Sue Ryan



Sarah Williams is a talented copywriter, finally landing her dream job in a top-notch London Advertising Agency. The year is 1997. Christopher Hobson is the newly appointed Creative Director, whose reputation precedes his arrival. Despite herself, Sarah falls for this handsome man, with his Pools of Blue eyes.   They are clearly in love, but it's not long before Chris's obvious drinking habit begins to impact their relationship. Sarah tries her best to manage the problem.... or ignore it. However, Chris's abuse, together with his jealousy of her industry awards, becomes increasingly difficult to tolerate. We learn too that Chris's family harbours a secret regarding his absent father. In a bid to move past their problems, Chris attends AA meetings and the couple go to counselling. A move to the countryside provides a brief respite but other problems soon manifest themselves. Chris joins their neighbour in a weekly game shoot and eventually acquires his own rifle. His behaviour at work gets out of hand, and he becomes disproportionately jealous of Sarah's relationship with a colleague, convinced she's having an affair. Just when Sarah decides she's had enough and their relationship must come to an end, a shooting takes place.   Chris is now in the courtroom facing a charge of attempted murder. The odds are stacked against him, but the trial soon takes an interesting turn...

ISBN: 9781803133027


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