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Personal Pleasures

Personal Pleasures

By Rose Macaulay



Personal Pleasures is an anthology of 80 short essays (some of them very short) about the things the feminist critic and nivelist Rose Macaulay enjoyed most in life. The complete list consists of: Abroad Album Arm-Chair Astronomy Bakery in the Night Bathing 1 Off the Florida Keys 2 Off the Ligurian Coast 3 In the Cam Bed 1 Getting into it 2 Not getting out of it Believing Bird in the Box Book Auctions Booksellers' Catalogues Bulls Candlemas Canoeing Chasing Fireflies Christmas Morning Church-going 1. Anglican 2. Roman Catholic 3. Quaker 4. Unitarian Cinema Clothes Cows Departure of Visitors Disbelieving Doves in the Chimney Driving a Car Easter in the Woods Eating and Drinking Elephants in Bloomsbury Fastest on Earth Finishing a Book Fire Engines Flattery Flower Shop in the Night Flying Following the Fashion Fraternal Getting Rid Hatching Eggs Heresies Hot Bath Ignorance 1. Of one's neighbours 2. Of current literature 3. Of gossip 4. Of wickedness 5. Of one's pass-book Improving the Dictionary Listening In Logomachy Meals Out 1 On the roof 2 On the pavement New Year's Eve Not Going to Parties Parties Play-Going Pretty Creatures Reading Shopping Abroad Showing Off Solitude Sunday Taking Umbrage Talking about a New Car Telling Travellers' Tales Turtles in Hyde Park Walking Writing While each essay can be read on its own as a short dose of delicious writing, the collection is also an autobiographical selection, revealing glimpses of Rose's own life, and making us laugh helplessly with her inimitable humour.

ISBN: 9781912766505


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