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Peer-To-Peer Accommodation and Community Resilience

Peer-To-Peer Accommodation and Community Resilience

By Anna Farmaki



The growth of peer-to-peer (P2P) accommodation has been remarkable. However, the rapid expansion of the phenomenon has yielded several concerns over its potentially negative economic, social and environmental impacts. These impacts are highlighted in policy agendas as an emerging problem encountered by many local communities in destinations experiencing a boom in P2P accommodation. Specifically, concerns have been raised over the impact of the growth of P2P accommodation on local housing markets, residents' well-being and the environment as a result of the touristification of residential areas. In fact, many observers accuse P2P accommodation of fuelling the 'overtourism' problem that several destinations face. This edited book addresses the need to examine the P2P accommodation phenomenon from a community resilience lens. In particular, through a collection of chapters presenting a range of empirical and conceptual perspectives from urban and rural communities, the book considers the implications of P2P accommodation growth on the resilience of local communities and the sustainable development of places. This book highlights: · The rapid growth of P2P accommodation yields economic, social and environmental negative impacts on destinations. · The P2P accommodation sector is evolving towards professionalization which, in turns, creates further implications for local community resilience. · This book draws attention towards the need to examine the nexus between P2P accommodation, sustainability and local community resilience. · The collection of chapters presents empirical and conceptual perspectives from urban and rural communities. · Chapters impart significant insights to policymakers, practitioners and academics in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

ISBN: 9781789246605


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