By Frank McGuinness



A son tries to mourn the death of the father who abandoned him. A family rages against the murder of their gay son in war-torn Raqqa. Brilliance turns to madness in the fickle and unforgiving world of theatre. And in the titular story, the world of an operatic tenor violently collides with that of a homeless couple on the streets of New York. In the first collection of stories by Frank McGuinness, this award-winning master storyteller writes above all about freedom: freedom to love, freedom from hate, freedom to speak, freedom to silence. In hypnotic, spellbinding prose, Frank McGuinness hears the voices and sees the visions of his own troubled times. Authentic, shocking, and always and ever bearing the unique ring of truth, Paprika is a collection to cherish.

ISBN: 9781788490016


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