Olive Harvest  P/B

Olive Harvest P/B

By Carol Drinkwater



NOW A MAJOR NEW TV SERIES: CAROL DRINKWATER'S SECRET PROVENCE The third in the bestselling story which began with THE OLIVE FARM - from the author of THE FORGOTTEN SUMMER 'Captures perfectly the dreamy atmosphere of the South of France and its people' WOMAN AND HOME 'Vibrant, intoxicating and heart-warming' SUNDAY EXPRESS 'The stars shimmer like spilled handfuls of glitter. The day is beginning to rise with a faint mist. As I turn my head, ghostly halos, auras of light, appear and disappear ... The silence is truly awesome. Not a bird, not a whisper of wind, not a breath of life. Only the two of us, a most implausible pair, standing shoulder to shoulder gazing upon an awakening heaven' Returning to their home after an extended absence Carol and her husband Michel are looking forward to summer together on the farm. A shocking blow leaves Carol alone and the future is uncertain. Feeling isolated and with no olives to harvest, Carol ventures beyond the farm to explore other aspects of Provencal life - from hunting to bee-keeping, the ancient language to the ever-present demands of family and friends. And ultimately, Provence's generous diversity - and Carol's own persistence in sharing it with those she loves - paves a path to joy.

ISBN: 9780753829363


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