O Me Voy O Te Vas

O Me Voy O Te Vas

By Rogelio Guedea



In Rogelio Guedeas bold new poetry collection, O me voy o te vas / One of us must go (with English translations by Roger Hickin), love is a powerful magnet that attracts and repels in equal measure. In language both lyrical and spare, Guedea examines what it means to share ones life with another person and questions whether and how love can survive realitys steady tapdrip repetitions. This is the mesmerising tale of two people who stumble over one another time and time again, yet whose every word and action adds another stitch to a close, personal tapestry of memories and familiarity. Unashamedly domestic, this collection captures every kind of tenderness felt in an intimately involved life. O me voy o te vas / One of us must go is a true love story, a chronicle of romantic survivalism. To write against your love, is to write about your love: is to love you another way, is to love you in every way. XXVIII

ISBN: 9781990048425


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