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Notes From a Factory Floor

Notes From a Factory Floor

By Geoff Thompson



A BAFTA winning screenwriter, penning multi-award winning films for luminaries such as Ray Winstone, Paddy Considine, Orlando Bloom, Maxine Peake, Anne Reid, Alison Steadman and James Cosmo, Geoff Thompson is also one of the world's highest ranking (8th dan) martial arts teachers. The prestigious Black Belt Magazine USA polled him as the most influential martial artist in the world since Bruce Lee. Further to his bestselling first memoir, Watch My Back, Geoff is often asked to fill in the gaps of his fascinating and inspirational life story by eager fans. How did he manoeuvre himself from a tiny room in a Coventry bedsit to the hallowed halls of BAFTA Piccadilly? How did he transcend his designated class and matriculate into a reality where class holds no relevance? What was the trajectory, and who did he meet along the way - who were the angels and demons of destiny? And what can we learn from his incredible journey? Ultimately people want to know the real Geoff, the inner thoughts, the essentials of his pilgrimage, the lessons of his unique experiences. Or more succinctly, now that he's made it this far, 'what does he actually know?'. Notes From A Factory Floor has the answers and is the ideal read for anyone who feels there is more to life. Geoff is the proof.

ISBN: 9781912666713


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