Name, Rank, Rock & Roll

Name, Rank, Rock & Roll

By Robin Eisgrau



The rules, regulations and regimented lifestyle of serving in the military may seem like the last thing a musician would want, but many recording artists were men in uniform at one point in their lives. Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, James Blunt, Jerry Garcia and Marvin Gaye are but a handful of famous (and lesser-known) recording artists who served in the military. Each of their stories is unique and fascinating. In Name, Rank, Rock & Roll, music journalists Richard Cummins and Robin Eisgrau discuss the experiences well-known musicians had in the armed forces -- some were decorated servicemen discharged with honors, others were strictly disciplined or went AWOL. Their stories add a fascinating layer to what makes them great artists and illuminates an aspect of pop culture previously unexplored.

ISBN: 9781949515015


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