By Hilton McCabe



Set in Northern Ireland in the spring of 1983 at a time when 'The Troubles' are in full swing. Tony Speers, a newly promoted sergeant, arrives at Mountroyal RUC Station, located in the heart of East Belfast. When Tony meets up with his new section he quickly realises he has inherited a very dysfunctional group of individuals. They include a reluctant genius, an alcoholic and other endearing personalities who combine to make 'A' Section a close and effective unit. A spate of sinister sexual attacks have recently occurred in the area raising local tensions, leaving females afraid to go out at night. The uniformed police and local CID have thus far drawn a blank in apprehending the offender. The sub divisional commander of Mountroyal Station is under increasing pressure from local politicians, the chief constable, the press and local paramilitaries to make an arrest. Join Tony and the gang as they try to crack this case as well as attend to other miscellaneous calls within the Mountroyal Sub Division.

ISBN: 9781398443471


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