Motorcar In Ireland 1896-1939 P/B

Motorcar In Ireland 1896-1939 P/B

By Leanne Blaney



The motorcar changed Ireland irrevocably. The Motorcar in Ireland offers an overall historical assessment of the development of the motorcar within Ireland and its role as a modernising force impacting and influencing change on the island between the years 1896-1939. It also discusses the nature of the relationships that developed between the motorcar, the state and the motor industry during this period, and how these groups encouraged or discouraged the development of car culture within Ireland. Demonstrating the impact that the motorcar had, the author examines the role it played during the First World War, the Civil War and the Emergency. She also shows how the popularisation of the car influenced legislation around road construction and the development of industries subsidiary to the motor industry, including oil. The Motorcar in Ireland includes photographs and stories researched from a variety of private and public archives from across Ireland and the UK, including the Royal Irish Automobile Club (RIAC), which brings the fascinating story of the early years of the motorcar to life with great colour and humour.

ISBN: 9781916099807


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