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Millie the Magical Stone Skipper

Millie the Magical Stone Skipper

By Oscar Polk



With the help of a wise frog, Millie learns a special skill that empowers her to help others while staying true to herself.  When young Millie sees her three older brothers head into the world to pursue their goals, she retreats to the creek to reflect on her own ambitions. There, she develops a magical hidden talent.  With the help of a friendly frog, Millie learns the art of perseverance by perfecting her stone-skipping skill. When a mischievous bandit puts her siblings in peril, can Millie harness her new power to save them?   Set against the stunning backdrop of Teton Valley, Millie the Magical Stone Skipper is a Wild Western tale that empowers young readers to try new things and live purposeful and authentic lives.

ISBN: 9781954854390


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