Marco Tirelli

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Marco Tirelli

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Author: Antonella Soldaini


ISBN: 9788836651535

Date: 16th May, 2022


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The volume offers a historical-critical study on the entire career of Marco Tirelli (Rome,1956). His production - surprising and enigmatic - includes works on paper, works on canvas or wood, sculptures, installations, whose subjects always appear poised between recognisability and abstraction: the figures and scenes represented are made up of a densification of microscopic particles of colours that from a distance seem well defined, but which, when viewed from a short distance, break down. A subtle, intellectual painting, therefore, the result of an introspective investigation carried out with dedication. The same tension between illusion and reality, between light and shadow, also characterises the sculptures and installations, as documented in these pages. The volume includes a historical-critical essay by Antonella Soldaini, a conversation with the artist, a biographical note and a documentary summary. Text in English and Italian.

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