Maisy's Memories

Maisy's Memories

By Sarah Tracey



Dealing with loss is a difficult thing for anyone to go through, no matter what the age. For adults dealing with the loss of a loved one, it can add even more stress to an already difficult situation, while having to take care of their children as well. Most adults try to put on a 'brave face' in front of their children and pretend that everything is okay. This heart-warming story explains how the deceased can always live on in our memories and conveys the message, 'It is okay not to be okay.' This book also deals with the vulnerability of adults and their emotions. It shows children that sometimes adults can get upset too. When Daddy is upset about Nan dying, Maisy aged 7 years old is the one that cheers him up. Sometimes grown-ups need some moral support and that's exactly what Maisy gives him when she plants a flowerbed in memory of her Nan. Although this book will always be relevant as death and grief are part of the human cycle, it is of particular relevance at a time when not everyone has been able to attend funerals and grieve in a way that offers a sense of closure. This story offers a new insight into how to hold on to and cherish the memories that we have.

ISBN: 9781398428317


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