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Love Hurries This

Love Hurries This

By Hamish Guthrie



In this accomplished first collection, Hamish Guthrie is inspired by past people, places and experiences. The poet recollects travelling to his wife's hometown of Montana and back to the streets of Toronto where he grew up, and his childhood summers spent on a farm just outside of Guelph, where the wildlife opened up like a unique world unto itself. Ideas, phrases, and journal notes beg for further study and experimentation, culminating in shape that becomes a poem. These poems are also often a reply, directly or indirectly, to poems read. Love Hurries. This is a collection of vibrant and lively character, with themes rooted in the natural world, change, seasons, and the meaning of the past. The reader is transported on a journey that requires one to leisurely take the time to enjoy each and every word.

ISBN: 9781988168678


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