Left On Tenth TPB

Left On Tenth TPB

By Delia Ephron



If you pitched a movie about a woman in her seventies, recently widowed, who reconnects with a man she dated in college, leading to a months-long exchange of emails and the pair falling in love fifty years after their first date, the studio exec would say that's too far-fetched. But that's exactly what happened to Delia Ephron, writer and producer, screenwriter of You've Got Mail and bestselling novelist. When Delia's beloved first husband Jerry died of cancer in 2015, after thirty-five years of marriage, she couldn't think of moving forward without him. But when she wrote a piece about the woes of customer service compounding her grief while trying to cancel Jerry's dedicated landline, it caught the eye of Peter, who emailed to commiserate. He was recently widowed himself and reminded Delia that years ago they had been set up by her sister Nora, when they were college students. Cautious about what Peter was hoping for, Delia replied. And, over a few short weeks, realized that she and Peter were soulmates. Months later, still caught up in the whirlwind of this unexpected romance, Delia made another life-changing discovery: she had cancer. Peter and Delia found love in their seventies. But instead of long-awaited bliss the burgeoning relationship was plagued by tests, treatments and uncertainty. Left on Tenth is the story of Delia Ephron's second chance at love and the miraculous tale of her second chance at life after cancer.

ISBN: 9780857528841


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