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Lawfare and the Ovaherero and Hama Pursuit of Restorative Ju

Lawfare and the Ovaherero and Hama Pursuit of Restorative Ju

By Marouf Arif Hasian



This book provides readers with a critical analysis of the restorative justice efforts of the Ovaherero and Nama communities in Namibia, who contend that they should receive reparations for what happened to their ancestors during, and after the 1904-1908 German-Ovaherero/Nama war. Arguing that indigenous communities who once lived in a German colony called "German South West Africa" suffered from a genocide that could be compared to the World War II Holocaust Namibian activists sued Germany and German corporations in U.S. federal courts for reparations. The author of this book uses a critical genealogical approach to all of this "lawfare" (the politicizing of the law) in order to illustrate some of the historical origins of this quest for social justice. Portions of the book also explain some of the historical and contemporary realpolitik barriers that stood in the way of Ovaherero and Nama activists who were asking for acknowledgments of the "Namibian genocide," apologies from German officials, repatriation of human remains from colonial times as well as restitution that might help with land redistribution in today's Namibia. This book shows many of the difficulties that confront those indigenous communities who ask twenty-first century audiences to pay restitution for large-scale colonial massacres or imperial genocides that might have taken place more than a hundred years ago.

ISBN: 9781683931881


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