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Land Law

Land Law

By Toni Spencer



This book?will help candidates preparing for the SQE1 exam to revise the legal concepts?that underpin land law and will give them a strong base in the Functioning Legal Knowledge required?for the SQE1 assessment.?It demonstrates the working of the core principles of honesty and integrity in accordance with the?SoSC, the SRA Principles and the Code of Conduct.?It covers all the core areas of the SQE1 curriculum, and readers will find a?combination of case law extracts?plus practical scenarios?to demonstrate how the law operates in practice.?Readers will be able to test their subject knowledge?and?their ability to identify and apply relevant?statutes, case law, legal principles and?rules to problem scenarios, through multiple-choice questions?in the style of the SQE assessment.? .?

ISBN: 9781914213045


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