Lake Superior

Lake Superior

By Lorine Niedecker



Lake Superior is a compilation of writings around Lorine Niedecker's poem of the same title-strata that inform the poem's ecological and historical resonance. Lorine Niedecker was a major American poet often connected with the Objectivists. She lived in Wisconsin from 1903 to 1970. From "Lake Superior Country": Every bit of you is a bit of the earth . . . So-here we go. Maybe as rocks and I pass each other I could say how-do-you-do to an agate. "Niedecker [is] one of the most important and original poets of this past century."-August Kleinzahler, London Review of Books Table of Contents: "Lake Superior" by Lorine Niedecker Lake Superior Country, a journal by Lorine Niedecker "Niedecker and the Evolutional Sublime" by Douglas Crase Three Letters from Lorine Niedecker to Cid Corman Excerpt from Back Roads to Far Towns by Basho and trans. by Cid Corman "Tour 14A" from Wisconsin, A Guide to the Badger State "On a Monument to the Pigeon" by Aldo Leopold Excerpt from the writings of Pierre Esprit Radisson Excerpt from the writings of Henry Rowe Schoolcraft

ISBN: 9781933517667


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