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Judge Dredd

Judge Dredd

By Jenkins Paul



MegaCity One has long used genetic modification on its waste workers to control the deluge of filth that flows under the city each day. When Dredd discovers that some of them have foregone that disfiguring procedure in favor of hosting protective alien symbiotes, it sparks a groundswell of antiimmigration fervor. Soon the toxic atmosphere spills into the streets, undermining the very infrastructure that makes the city tolerable. Can Dredd find a solution to save the now indispensable aliens from the angry mobs? Never have the satire and social commentary of Judge Dredd cut so sharply, nor repudiated hate so emphatically, as in Toxic! And never has that statementor the humor and entertainment with which it is deliveredbeen more necessary. Collects the complete fourissue series.

ISBN: 9781684054756


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