Journey Among Animals

Journey Among Animals

By Meredith Happold



Journey Among Animals is a delightful and enlightening collection of stories about the author's amazing encounters with animals, set in the context of her life, career and travels. Her stories highlight the intelligence and cognitive abilities of many animals and show that, like humans, they can display a sense of humour, curiosity, love, jealousy, boredom and individual personalities. The stories are about animals as varied as goats, hopping-mice, bandicoots and potoroos in Australia; mongooses, hyraxes, genets and attractive rodents in Nigeria; and mole-rats, bats, antelopes and elephants in Malawi. The book is packed with easy-to-read information. Bats have a special place in it - although much-maligned, bats are actually friendly, curious and amazingly intelligent creatures. These astonishing stories will help to transform people's attitudes towards animals. Meredith Happold specialised in animal behaviour, ecology and conservation. She taught at university level, published many papers in zoological journals, and wrote and/or edited the profiles of bats in the definitive series Mammals of Africa. Journey Among Animals will appeal to animal lovers as well as professional zoologists. It contains hitherto unpublished information about animal behaviour and shows how the study of animal behaviour has changed during the author's lifetime.

ISBN: 9781913551919


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