Jan St. Werner - Space Synthesis

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Jan St. Werner - Space Synthesis

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Author: Jan St. Werner


ISBN: 9783775755764

Date: 3rd August, 2023

Publisher: HATJE CANTZ

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Sound - Space - Perception How can one inhabit a sound? What perspectives open up through the encounter of space, resonance and perception? And how are participants changed in the process? With Space Synthesis , artist and composer Jan St. Werner, known as one half of the duo Mouse on Mars, designs a radically new understanding of sound and space. The interplay between the two becomes a method of exploring architecture and social contexts. Space Synthesis is the catalog for Jan St. Werner's first solo exhibition and, at the same time, the document of a practice that turns against seemingly fixed knowledge and explores the productive power of sound from multiple perspectives. Numerous contributions deepen the understanding of his artistic work.

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