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International Banking Operations and Practices

International Banking Operations and Practices

By Joseph Jude Norton



This volume is a collection of scholarly and practical chapters prepared by experts in the field of banking law. Important changes are taking place in the financial sectors of the Pacific Rim, with vital roles being played by Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taipei.;The volume deals with the relevant legal questions regarding the changing international financial practices. Designed as a broad foundation for comparative analysis of changes and reforms occurring worldwide in international banking regulation and practice, it should be helpful for understanding both policies and practicalities reflected by these rapid changes and reforms.;A separate but related companion volume on international banking regulation and supervision, entitled "International Banking Regulation and Supervision: Change and Transformation in the 1990s" is also available, ISBN 1-85333-989-9, dealing with the broad policy issues entailed in the liberalization and deregulation of the banking industry.

ISBN: 9781853339974


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