Incredible Book Of Outrageous Facts For Kids P/B

Incredible Book Of Outrageous Facts For Kids P/B

By Nancy Furstinger



Kids love to read astonishing, absurd, and amusing facts such as these and then share them with their families and friends. The Incredible Book of Outrageous Facts for Kids  will have curious readers saying "Oh, wow!" as they turn the pages and read through the 1,500 facts inside. Amazingly pointless, but verified, factoids will gear kids up to master Jeopardy and win at family trivia nights.  Chapters will feature categories with kid-appeal, including animals, sports, planets, dinosaurs, toys, technology, strange foods, superheroes, unusual pets, fashion, movies, weather, and more. Every time kids pick up this book, they'll learn something new. (Parents also might grab this book as a boredom buster.) Did you know . . . a blue whale's tongue weighs nearly 6,000 pounds, about as heavy as an Asian elephant the world's first underwater post office operated on the sea floor of the Bahamas in 1939 pogonophobia is the fear of beards (perhaps spurred by a study showing that beards contain more bacteria than dog fur)  (Well, now you do!)

ISBN: 9781510771222


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