In the Shadow of the Olive Tree

In the Shadow of the Olive Tree

By Orna O'Reilly



Two strangers, both newly divorced women, are determined to start life afresh amongst the olive groves of Puglia in the South of Italy, as they both attempt to put their old lives behind them. Claudia has a seemingly perfect life: a successful novelist, a loving mother, beautiful and admired by all, but she's haunted by a decision she made. Her confidence is destroyed at the hands of another. Is she able to move on, put it behind her and find happiness once more? Janet is determined to make a new life for herself after her husband left her for a younger woman, and she yearns to live in an idyllic trullo under the Pugliese sun. As the paths of Claudia and Janet cross and their lives become entwined, one woman's dream is threatened by the past of the other when they discover it's not always easy to escape one's previous life. Sometimes it follows in unexpected ways.

ISBN: 9781800161306


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