I Am Me

I Am Me

By Niamh Donnelly



Niamh Donnelly's I Am Me explores the emotional baggage that comes with growing up along with the struggle to find self and purpose. Donnelly's anthology uses raw emotion to create potent images which truly capture the struggle of transforming from child to adult. Donnelly also explores other themes of sexuality and feminism as she questions what femininity means. Filled with raw emotion and striking stories woven into graceful images, I Am Me is worthy of a place on every shelf. With political and religious undertones, Niamh Donnelly masterfully discusses the negative aspects of a society built upon a patriarchy. Donnelly explores how those patriarchal beliefs cause chaos and danger for anyone with two X chromosomes. Venturing further than the biological definition of a woman, Donnelly also dissects the complex development of feminine ideals throughout her work.

ISBN: 9781800746862


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