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How To Pick a Fight

How To Pick a Fight

By Kaminoff Lara



An all new graphic novel from cartoonist Lara Kaminoff, starring JIMMY RUCKUS, the young rabble-rouser and trouble-maker who's on a mission to achieve greatness by fighting his way to the top! How To Pick A Fight is the perfect fractured fable about a scrappy kid who means well, but never quite gets it right. "Unlike many coming-of-age stories in which the protagonist returns to the familiar, Kaminoff's story keeps propelling Jimmy forward, reminding us-no matter how impossible it seems- to see where our dreams take us." -Lynd Ward Graphic Novel Judges "Lara Kaminoff's likeable coming-of-age story is a quirky and energetic affair" -Broken Frontier The tenacious and stubborn young scrapper Jimmy Ruckus has plans to be the greatest wrestler in the world, and he's up for fighting anyone. From his own family, his schoolwork, wild animals, sensitive artists, hard-drinking pirates, and a heavyweight champ or two, he's challenging the world one small fight at a time! But can his hopes and dreams take him all the way to stellar success? Or will Jimmy have to learn to stop living his life fist-first?

ISBN: 9781910620786


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