How it All Began

How it All Began

By Pamela Jean Miller



A most entertaining, amusing and gripping memoir, rich in action and packed with interesting characters, often in diverse places. This thrill-seeking brave adventurer leaves the reader in awe of life on the move in the years before modern technology, devoid of the internet, mobile phones, travel guides and credit cards. She paints a vivid picture of various countries throughout the globe. The many forms of transport undertaken to various destinations and the colourful characters she met along the way. During times which will never be experienced again. Through war-torn countries, many under civil unrest, behind the Iron Curtain, and across deserts and mountains. This true story is bound to enthral and also inspire. Her descriptions are told with candid honesty, dotted with humour and history, and is bound to please readers of all ages. A completely captivating memoir that will keep the reader engrossed to the very last page.

ISBN: 9781398455375


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