By Kate Durbin



Durbin uses the reality television show Hoarders, which has over two million viewers, as her inspiration for creating poems that address with addiction, mental illness, consumerism, environmentalism, and colonialism. With a very active presence on the internet, with close to 4K followers on Instagram (@kate_durban), Kate is a bit of an internet celebrity. Her previous digital work and experimentation lend themselves well to the internet, and we expect that this book will be very popular with her robust readership. This book draws upon her personal experience with addiction and mental illness in her family. Kate has been open about providing this context in conversation about the book, but would rather not explicitly call attention to it in her promotional text. Teaches at a small liberal arts institution in LA and also teaches online workshops. She is a multimedia artist, performer, filmmaker, and poet living in LA, and we expect for this book to travel widely among artist circles. Kate also does do a fair amount of travelling between NY and LA. Book would be good for interdisciplinary course adoptions (poetry, media studies, digital humanities) as well as have popular appeal. Very eager to do virtual/live readings from the book.

ISBN: 9781950268146


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