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Herman Jiggle, Go To Sleep!

Herman Jiggle, Go To Sleep!

By Julia Cook



It's the nightmare of babysitters and parents everywhere! Being asked countless off-the-wall questions as you put a child to bed. And every answer only causes more silly questions and more delays. This is the dilemma Herman Jiggle's mum confronts as she tries to coax her son to wash his face, brush his teeth and go to bed. But Hermie is a curious kid who wants answers to the great mysteries of life, such as why do we have bubble gum and how do cows see in the dark, before he'll even think about falling asleep. HERMAN JIGGLE, GO TO SLEEP! is author Julia Cook's comical take on bedtime routines and how a good night's rest is key to every child's success.

ISBN: 9781944882587


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