Hearing Sexism

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Hearing Sexism

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Author: L. J. Müller


ISBN: 9783837658514

Date: 15th September, 2022


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  2. Groups And Identities
  3. Theory of Music
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If pictures can be sexist, can analysing sound reveal sexism, too? Where is the language to discuss sexism in music? L.J. Müller tackles these important questions in their 2018 German book titled Sound und Sexismus, which was awarded the IASPM 2019 book prize. Analysing the voices of Kurt Cobain, Kate Bush, Björk and others, Müller demonstrates how gender is performed vocally and interacts with gendered aspects of embodiment and affect. The book is written from a strongly positioned and personal feminist perspective and is appealing to readers from various backgrounds -- singers, producers, music lovers, as well as academics and anyone with an interest in feminist takes on pop culture.

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